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Since NOA’s inception within NHPC, NOA has been at service of its officers. Since then a lot many milestones have been achieved. But still many miles have to be covered.


The NHPC OFFICERS' ASSOCIATION was formed in the year 1982 with an objective of welfare of officers on one hand and to play a role of interface between the management and officers on the other. NOA has always been attentive and sensitive, through its regional bodies at various projects, to the problems and hardships faced by officers posted at difficult and terrorist affected projects. We firmly believe that the role of Associations is to supplement efforts of Management by proper feedback which may at times seem to be criticism. While we have always stood for the cause of officers, never did we shy away from safeguarding the interests of our company at the risk of annoying the powers that be.

NOA, over the years, relentlessly endeavored and strived for the cause of hydropower in general and the betterment of the officers in particular, resulting in effective and timely redressing of the grievances. At present, NOA is strong association of 1570 dedicated life members

NOA strongly believes in “Organisational Growth with Officers’ Welfare”. Keeping this in view NOA has been all along been advocating speedy development of Hydropower in the country. NHPC being a premier hydropower development organization in the country; NOA always endeavored to high light the cause of hydro-power which had not been getting its due from our policy makers over the years. With sustained efforts we were able to make our voice heard. Govt. of India is now striving hard to work for all round development of Hydropower in this country. Prime Minister’s initiative of 50000 MW is a pointer in this direction.

We have been interacting with our sister Associations through National Confederation of Officers’ Association(NCOA) and is second to none in contributing its lot in any struggle against the policies of the Govt. which are detrimental to the interests of the public sector in general and power sector in particular.

NOA remembers its office bearers right from the year of its inception, who have contributed a lot to the Association to evolve it into a guiding force that is today, with respect and records its gratitude. The following officers have served NOA in the capacity of Presidents, Vice Presidents and General secretaries of central executive committee since its formation in the year 1982.

Sh. R.Varadarajan Sep.1982 - Apr. 1986Sh. B.R. Saraf
Sh. A. K. SachdevaApr. 1986 - Dec 1987Sh. M.D. Sharma
Sh. Yogendra PrasadDec.1987 - Jul. 1990Sh. Kamal KapoorSh. S.D. Tripathi
Sh. Murari LalJul. 1990 - Apr. 1991Sh. B.S. Bisht
Sh. R.N. KhajanchiApr. 1991 - Dec 1993Sh. M.D. Sharma
Sh. B.R. Saraf Dec. 1993 - Dec. 1995Sh. A.K. MishraDr. A.K. Tripathi
Sh. R.N. KhajanchiDec. 1995 - Jul. 1996Dr. Gopal DhawanDr. A.K. Tripathi
Sh. Chander MohanJul. 1996 - Dec. 1997Dr. Gopal DhawanDr. A.K. Tripathi
Sh. A.K. TiwariDec. 1997 - Oct.2000 Sh. Narendra KumarSh. Prashant Atrey
Sh. R.R. Sharma Sep. 2002 - Oct. 2005Sh. Ratish KumarSh. A.K. Singh
Sh. Swatantra KumarSep. 2002 - Oct. 2005Sh. A.K. PandeySh. K.K. Singh
Sh. Chander MohanOct. 2005 - May 2008Sh. Rais MianDr. A.K. Tripathi
Sh. Swatantra KumarMay 2008 - Jun.2010Sh. Prashant AtreyDr. A.K. Tripathi
Sh. V.K. SinghJun. 2010 - Feb.2012Sh. Amresh KumarSh. A.P. Singh
Dr. A.K. TripathiFeb.2012 - Jun.2014Sh. Ashish SaxenaSh. Anirudh Singh
Sh. V.K.ChaudharyJun.  2014- July 2016Sh. Himangshu SahaSh. Anirudh Singh
Sh. B.P.RaoAug. 2016 - Oct.2018 Sh. Ashish Kumar
Sh. B.P.RaoOct. 2018 - Till DateSh. JayPrakashSh. Ashish Kumar